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Why QX Recruitment Services
QX Recruitment Services Limited is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to recruitment agencies that understand the need to focus on the priorities; we help them achieve greater results by making their recruitment process more efficient. Since 2004, QX has established itself as an expert in providing best-in-class recruitment process outsourcing services in the UK.

Why QX recruitment outsourcing services
When you associate with QX Recruitment Services, you are partnering with the experts who will take care of your complete recruitment process and back-office functions within finance and accountancy, leaving you the time and space to grow your business and concentrate on driving better business outcomes.
Whether you are a start-up or an established recruitment agency, QX has experience of supporting businesses like yours through 360 degree recruitment services. We work across borders and time zones without sacrificing quality and accountability to help you to gain advantage over your competitors.
why QX recruitment outsourcing services

Increased efficiency
(Six Sigma Principles based
Structured governance methodology
Robust internal training division
A scalable module
Proven transition approach
A consistent and predictable recruit-to-hire process
Learn more about our service and an improved way of working that will help you beat your targets.

What makes us different?

A unique approach
QX Recruitment Services works closely with its clients as a partner and can take over the entire recruitment activities or individual functions. Our main goal is to understand your unique process, adapt to it, and support your business in a way that will bring better results and more consistent success.
unique approach

KPI and performance oriented methodology
We work with pre-defined, tailored KPI’s that suit our client’s particular recruitment process and organizational goals. As part of our process, we continuously measure every aspect of our performance and relative figures and compare them over time. These help us define and measure progress toward your business goals.
QX Recruitment Services works closely with our clients and operates with complete transparency in every action. By measuring performance and progress throughout the whole recruitment process, we are able to provide highly comprehensive reports with verbal and written feedback on a regular basis. If something isn’t working, we will work with you to understand why and what needs to be done to resolve it.
Greater scalability
QX Recruitment Services offers a dedicated team of recruitment specialist to each of our clients that can be scaled up and down according to their business needs. Be it an entire recruitment process or just specific parts of it, we provide our clients flexibility to adjust to their dynamic resource or manpower needs.

A dedicated resource model
We offer a dedicated resource model and flexible hours to meet business needs and deliver prompt turnaround. This means your business receives 100% of the attention of your team and not a shared service. Our recruiters are trained to adapt to your unique recruiting processes to drive team engagement and deliver results so that you don’t have to change your whole process when choosing QX.

dedicated resource model

Round the clock
QX appoints highly proficient and dedicated recruiters with work shifts according to UK timing so they work when you do. We also provide out-of-hours services to our clients and can contact their candidates at times that suit them which means you provide your candidates with a better service and turnaround times are faster. So we can help you grow your business around the clock.
Greater stability
Our dedicated team of experts provides greater stability because they work just for you and they take care of your specific recruitment requirements.
Reduced time and costs
With QX Recruitment Services, you get higher quality, dedicated resources that dramatically bring down costs and leave you time to focus on the core competencies of your business.

A reliable and accredited partner
We have extensive experience in mature and emerging industries and hold a proven track record for delivering exceptional business results. With our proactive and passionate experts, we have helped leading recruitment groups to manage their large-scale recruiting operations.
reliable and accredited partner

Highest customer satisfaction
As per the QX brand survey conducted in 2015, 20 per cent of clients consider that we helped them operate their business more profitably, 45 per cent of clients stated we allowed them to have more time to focus on more important areas such as business development and 10 per cent of our clients agreed that we brought expertise into their business.
Trusted in the industry
QX Recruitment Services is an affiliate member of APSCo, the UK’s leading professional recruitment industry body, which confirms our commitment to providing quality services to recruitment agencies in the UK.
Extensive recruitment experience
QX has years of experience in managing core, critical and complex functions within the recruitment lifecycle to deliver efficient and qualitative services to recruitment agencies in the UK. Our experienced and trained staff will take care of your entire recruitment process and enable you to focus on other areas of your business to drive better results.

Sara James, Managing Director, Thornbury Nursing Services
“QX Recruitment Services had been successfully supplying a range of support services to another division in our group of companies for some time so we approached them to see what help they could provide for us.”

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