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Resourcing services

Sourcing services
With detailed industry knowledge and a large team of trained recruitment consultants, QX Recruitment Services Limited has the ability to find the right matches for permanent, contract and temporary vacancies. Our comprehensive resourcing services enable your business to transform the way it works by providing time for your workforce to focus on delivering the bottom line.
Our range of resourcing services, extensive experience and industry specific expertise make us an ideal resourcing partner.
resourcing services

Our back office service offering
Database cleansing/re-generation
Every year, 20-25 per cent of all business data becomes obsolete or outdated according to the Direct Marketing Association and thus it’s important to refresh and update the candidate database you have built over a long period of time on a regular basis. We can regenerate and transform your redundant database into an up-to-date source of candidates by re-establishing contact with lapsed candidates and updating all their important details and availability, and by ‘side-lining’ those candidates currently not job seeking. This activity improves the quality of your internal database directly resulting into the increase in your bottom line; i.e. interviews and placement.
Candidate qualification and candidate profiling
When recruiting, it’s extremely important that the candidate holds the relevant experience and qualifications. We make sure that the candidate’s profile matches the required skill set and strengths. The candidate profiling service aims to give you the understanding and the confidence of the suitability and integrity of the candidate.
Availability check
It’s very important to know whether the candidate is available for a particular shift or a job change, but chasing each and every candidate can be a daunting job. Our experts can maintain that contact for you to check availability to simplify the process and help you get ahead of talent acquisition.
To meet the ever increasing demand for middle and senior level executives, it’s important to take a different approach to the standard recruitment process. Our vast industry experience and ability enables us to successfully hunt down and attract the most suitable and talented candidates for the required positions.
Organisation mapping/telephone sourcing
We have the ability to map the organisations where the best talents are working in specific sectors. With organisation mapping we can make in-depth analysis of market conditions and attract passive candidates with similar or interesting profiles.
Sometimes the best employees may not necessarily be looking for a job online. With telephone sourcing, we retrieve all information from the candidate over the phone and get the best fit for your job specifications.
CV searching/sourcing
Based on the job specifications, our dedicated team of professionals delves deep into premium job boards, web communities, forums, social media and your internal database to find the best possible candidates. We have the ability to search for candidates based on a range parameters such as job title, experience, skill, location, salary, etc.

Benefits at a glance

Improved quality
Our experienced team of professionals helps you to improve your service delivery and client retention.
Faster turnaround
Responsive, flexible and consistent process delivery that helps you to provide your clients with an improved service.
Reduce costs
Highly experienced dedicated resources that concentrate on your recruiting process to dramatically reduce operational costs.
Swiftness and expertise
A dedicated resource with industry specific experience that delivers swiftly and with improved quality output so you can provide client satisfaction.
Scalable recruiting capacity
A recruitment plan customized to your specifications with the flexibility to up- and down-scale to meet your requirements and manage expenditure.
Maintained focus on core business
Reduce the time spent on the recruitment functions to allow your employees to focus on core processes to drive business.
“It was evident that only after a short period of time that QX were the preferred partner for us due to the noticeable prompt results and first class service we received.”
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