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QX Recruitment Services provides 24/7/365 day out of hours services to ensure your recruitment needs are met at all times.
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We’ve got you covered

Available in the evenings, early mornings, on weekends and during the public holidays.

Process (at least) 40 non-voice based CVs in early mornings to help you kick start your work-day with clean inboxes.

Your dedicated team only looks after your out-of-hours requirements.
Provide additional support/cover for all your recruitment processes.

Our team of expert sourcers find the best suited candidatesfor your requirement.

Bank-grade security and GDPR compliant services.

Industry leader in providing end-to-end support to recruitment agencies

Serving 25 leading recruitment agencies in UK including 7 out of the Top 30
15+ years of experience
500+ team members serving recruitment industry
It was evident that only after a short period of time that QX were the preferred partner for us due to the noticeable prompt results and first class service we received.
Leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency in London
I’m so thankful to the India team! They are a credit to have and to the business. I have never met a team who is more efficient team who work around the clock and smash targets out the park!
A leading framework nursing agency based out in London

About QX Recruitment Services

We’re a leading providers of end to end recruitment services for recruitment specialists just like you. Some say we’re industry leaders, but we prefer to be known as partners, advisors and that go to person who you can always rely on for an honest opinion. We’ll work with you to ensure the service you receive is truly bespoke to you, reflects your beliefs and embodies your core values.