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Why Leading UK Recruitment Agencies Offshore Their Recruitment Services to India


Why Leading UK Recruitment Agencies Offshore Their Recruitment Services to India

India has become an outsourcing magnet. Why do companies prefer to outsource to India? Is it because of high quality work, a favorable time zone, outsourcing-friendly policies or low labor cost? The answer is all of the above. Over the years, India has evolved into being the world’s most preferred outsourcing destination for leading recruitment agencies. India is one of the few outsourcing locations that offer several advantages that enable organisations to work efficiently, cut down on cost and improve quality all at once.

Robust infrastructure & latest technology

Indian agencies heavily focus on the deployment of the latest of technologies and infrastructure. Besides, training the workforce on the latest technologies is at the core of their strategy. They conduct training programs on a regular basis to ensure their employees are at the top of their game all the time. This helps Indian firms cater to the demanding needs of overseas clients and execute critical projects in a seamless manner.

Access to skilled workforce

Outsourcing business to India facilitates access to skilled resources with plenty of experience. With the highest number of skilled resources in sectors such as IT, BPO and Finance to name a few. India also boasts upon the maximum experience in handling critical projects with utmost ease. Availability of skilled workforce at reasonable pricing is icing on the cake for the agencies based in UK, US, Australia, Canada etc.

Lower costs & higher benefits

Money is at the core of all reasons for outsourcing. India has proven to be the most cost effective. Labour costs in countries such as UK, US, Australia and Canada etc are enormous as compared to India. Lower costs directly have an impact and increases the ROI. Instead of hiring in house workforce, agencies prefer to outsource their business to Indian agencies which provide them dedicated workforce which would work exactly like in house resources will work for the agencies abroad. It offers not only flexibility, but also reduction in capital expenditure, infrastructure and maintenance costs by a considerable margin.

Unique time zone advantage

As any business will tell you, time is equal to money. If a company can get access to 24/7 services, it can be sure to complete work much ahead of deadlines and take on more projects. Customers too are happy when they can avail services or get their queries answered on a 24/7 basis. Now this has become a reality with outsourcing. Since the Indian time zone is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT and 10.5 hours ahead of the EST, companies can take on more work and keep their customers happy by outsourcing to India.

High quality services

When it comes to quality, there is no compromise from India. Indian service providers use the very latest in technology, software and infrastructure to provide services that are on par with international quality standards. Research surveys have even proved that Indian professionals are technically superior when compared with skilled professionals from other outsourcing countries. Global businesses love to outsource to India as they can get access to a highly educated workforce that is experienced, skilled, proficient in English, computer-literate and technically talented.

Preferred outsourcing location

Research surveys have proved time and again that India is the most preferred outsourcing location among global companies. In the United States alone, more than 90% have ranked India as their first choice for outsourcing recruitment services. Over the years, the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe have recognised the country of India as an outsourcing superpower.

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