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UK recruiters not utilising social media data correctly

uk recruiters not utilising social media data correctly

UK recruiters not utilising social media data correctly

Hero of recruitment

Recruiters were some of the early adopters of social media; they immediately understood the impact and influence social media would have on their industry.  And for them, the stand out hero of all social media platforms is without a doubt, LinkedIn.

This actually shouldn’t come as a surprise since LinkedIn already considers itself, “the world’s largest professional network”.  Ask almost any recruiter, and surely they will declare LinkedIn to be a godsend to their industry.  The landscape of recruiting is evolving every day and whether we like it or not, it’s shifting in parallel with social media.  In addition, social media sites like LinkedIn, provide recruiters an abundant amount of information to expand their existing customer base.

Data difficulties

With this copious amount of information now available to recruiters, the real challenge is how they will apply it to finding the ideal candidate. The tools and knowledge required to sift through the data for what is significant is actually what’s missing from the UK recruitment industry right now.

A study by LinkedIn for the UK recruitment sector yielded the following results:

  • Only 24% of global recruiting leaders believe they are using data very well in their roles

  • Only 17% of UK leading recruiters believe their organisation uses data to understand (talent acquisition/recruiting) effectiveness and opportunities effectively

  • As the gap between hiring volume and budgets widens, it’s time to invest and optimise the sources that return both the best quality and quantity of candidates

  • UK companies are average when it comes to prioritising and proactively managing their talent brand

These are quite worrying statistics for the UK recruitment sector, as well as for the companies that recruiters are employed by.  It’s not only recruitment agencies that are suffering from the inability to analyse social media data correctly, large companies that employ their own recruitment division are also facing the same dilemma.

What’s next?

Just as recruiters expect their candidates to upskill in order to be competitive, the same now applies to the recruiters themselves. The amount of data being generated by social media sites is tremendous however, the ability to analyse and sort it into intelligent information is what really matters.

Recruiters now need to comprehend and harness the tools and methods of data analysis to deliver optimal results to their clients and to ensure they make the best use of the information that is out there – before their competitors do.

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