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Top Tips to Increase Offer Acceptance Ratio Through Enhanced Candidate Experience


Top Tips to Increase Offer Acceptance Ratio Through Enhanced Candidate Experience

While the excess of accessible opportunities could also be a significant advantage for passive candidates with skilled backgrounds in high demand, it's painful for companies who are hiring. Organizations are feeling the burden of talent shortage, and competing for same pool.

We have listed a number of these ways to boost the relationships built with candidates, your employer brand , and your company’s offer acceptance ratio.

1. Treat your candidates like customers. ​We talk about this a lot, however let’s see what it's like in action.​ ​Start the process off warmly and seek to understand their motivating factors first (compensation, career growth, mission). If initial phone screen goes well, try engaging with them and find to understand them before diving into assessing them. Respect their time by being prompt for calls and interviews.

2. Simplify the method. ​Passive candidates have very limited time to invest in new opportunities and will also have less motivation to move through a drawn-out interview process, particularly compared to a full of life candidate. Removing barriers and additional steps can increase your ability to hire top talent.

3.Train your interviewer. ​All it takes is for one unprepared interviewer to sour the candidate experience. At a minimum, have an open role kickoff meeting to create certain everybody on the interview panel understands the open role overall and most significantly, their role within the interview method. Kickoff conferences facilitate stopan equivalent question being asked repeatedly, that is one among the quickest ways that to show a candidate off.

4. Focus on shared values along with qualifications. ​Shared core values and culture are among some of the highest priorities of job seekers (usually a close second to career progression). Become the apparent option to candidates by showcasing your culture early within the method, beginning by guaranteeing there's alignment from each side.

5. Make interviews informal. ​Rather than having every single interview be behavioral questions, break the mould and be informal. A variation in flow offers candidates a prospect from the standard interview queries and offers them the chance to brainstorm ideas they need regarding current comes, processes, and things that they might wake the table within the role.

6. Make the role valuable. ​It’s more likely that your offer will have some sticking power if it offers a growth opportunity to take on new responsibilities. After you at first meet along with your hiring manager to debate the candidate profile, take into account characteristic rising stars for the gap instead of people who it might be a lot of lateral move for.

7. Invest during a digital candidate expertise. A candidate’s first impression of an organization longer typically a face to face interview or a telephonic, it's visiting a website. Use this as a chance to make a positive impression and glimpse into culture before they transcend having a basic career page and showcase videos illustrating “a day within the life.” this can facilitate candidates feel a lot of connected and conjointly ready.

8. Use candidate assessments meagrely. ​Do not overwhelm candidates too early in the interview process with projects, cryptography challenges, or different school assignment assignments. The temporal order is essential, and middle to later stages within the interview method is that the time, because it can make sure that eachparties square measure each reciprocally invested with. Jumping right into requiring a cryptography challenge before a candidate even speaks to a hiring manager may be a best observe no-no.

9. Ditch email and obtain your phone. ​This really makes a difference to candidates, particularly after you could also be delivering lower than ideal news, like once the team affected forward with another candidate for a task. The courtesy of providing feedback in realtime, not email are some things that's sadly typically unmarked in today’s digital age.


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