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Top 5 tips to run a successful recruitment startup

top 5 tips to run a successful recruitment startup

Top 5 tips to run a successful recruitment startup

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to go for it, you’re going to start your own recruitment agency. Now that you know you want to do this, the next step is figuring out how to do it.  Right? What do you need to know to make sure your startup is the one poised to succeed? Well, firstly it’s important to note that the success of a startup depends on not one, but a number of factors. The following five points will provide a general guideline on how to succeed in the recruitment business.

Recruitment experience

This may be self-explanatory but it needs to be emphasised. If you have never worked as a recruiter or in upper-level recruitment, then stop what you’re doing right now, and go do that. It’s almost impossible to run a business that you have little to no experience in. You should know the ins and outs of your business including the regulations and legislation and the processes that will make a difference, not only for yourself but also for clients. This goes without saying, but the knowledge and experience you gain as a recruiter will set you up for success on your startup venture.  

Sector specialisation

Knowing and understanding which recruitment sector you wish to specialise in will set the tone for your startup. Of course, as time goes on you will have the opportunity to diversify and experiment in other areas, however, it’s imperative to know what your niche market will be from the go ahead. Plan accordingly and do plenty of research before deciding upon your speciality. Also, make sure to get advice from people in similar situations.

Keep costs down

This piece of advice obviously applies to any new business or startup. Of course, you can start small – perhaps just you to begin with.  But to grow, inevitably, you will require more people and more people starts you on the road to ever-increasing overheads.  The silver lining for recruitment startups is that they can utilise resources such as outsourcing to keep overheads low.  In fact, many UK recruitment agencies are running bare bones operations while outsourcing the bulk of their cost-heavy tasks to countries like India. The other upside to outsourcing is that you can focus more time and energy on streamlining your recruitment processes rather than focusing on non-revenue generating areas such as managing timesheets and payroll activities. Outsourcing firms that provide a full 360-degree recruitment approach can be essential to getting your agency up and running. Listed are some further benefits of outsourcing:

● More time to focus on recruiting and growing your business

● Improved cash flow and greater profitability

● Reduced expenditure on staff, technology and office costs

● Highly experienced back office and accounts team

● Solutions that grow with your agency’s volumes and plans       

Building the right team

Just like in sports where a manager needs to choose the correct people to help his team to excel, the same applies to business. As an agency owner, you want to surround yourself with people who believe and follow your mantra. You also want people who think for themselves and have a passion for recruitment. Having the right people will make your job easier and will create an environment where work also becomes fun.

Service with a smile

We all know what good customer service is. We’ve all been in situations where we recommend businesses without even being asked, and others where even if they paid us we still wouldn’t give a positive response. There are so many quotes on how successful businesses put the customer first but I believe the golden rule is still the best, treat the client exactly how you would like to be treated. Everything is connected, so make sure the positive energy you are putting in your business reaches your clients.

At QX Recruitment Services we appreciate that recruiters and agency proprietors don’t want to spend their time doing tasks that don’t generate or add value to their business. Why should you focus on back office admin tasks when you should be concentrating on building your business? At QXRS, we provide a fully outsourced solution so you can concentrate on why you got into the business in the first place.

As a recruitment outsourcing service firm, we provide analysis and skill mapping, assistance with effective processes, in addition to sourcing and screening suitable candidates to streamline the recruitment process. If you are considering outsourcing, please call us on +44 845 838 2462 or email us: for a confidential and no cost discussion.  

If you found this article helpful you may also like a guest blog about how a recruitment startup can deliver an exceptional candidate experience by Ketan Gajjar, Director of QX Recruitment Services.

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