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Top 3 benefits of international recruiting

top 3 benefits of international recruiting

Top 3 benefits of international recruiting

You may have already heard your peers and competitors discussing international recruiting, but as a recruitment agency, what good will it do for you?  International recruitment can be defined as ‘sourcing applicants to fill particular positions which cannot be met with skilled candidates from the domestic supply’.  So the concept seems fairly simple, but how will it increase your business scope?

Diversity - One of the primary benefits of recruiting internationally is being able to have a diverse group of candidates to pick from.  And being able to offer your clients really targeted and matched candidates can set you apart from other recruitment firms.  Particularly for shortage skill areas where your competitors will struggle to find suitable candidates, turning to international recruiting enables you to meet your clients’ needs and can often enhance your profitability.

Greater skills - Extending your search beyond national borders also allows you to source candidates with a varied skill base. Skill shortages are consistently plaguing industries like healthcare and IT, so having the ability to source particularly skilled candidates becomes critical and advantageous.  For recruiters, having a skilled range of candidates also gives you that little bit extra when being compared to competitors.

Enhanced branding - Branding is crucial to any business, and recruitment agencies are no different. It’s not a surprise that most people recognise recruitment brands like Adecco, Hays and Michael Page. Why is that? Simple, because they have cultivated a strong healthy brand image and reputation amongst their clients and candidates. Improving brand image takes time and a fair amount of effort; by recruiting internationally, you can establish your own reputation as an agency able to provide a superior variety of quality candidates while also reducing turnaround time. It’s these aspects in addition to others that will set the foundation for enhancing your brand. An added benefit of sourcing candidates worldwide is that your brand will start to become recognised globally. The key is to ensure your clients and candidates are satisfied with your agency’s experience.

If your agency is having difficulty meeting the demand for skilled healthcare professionals, then international recruiting may be a practical solution. For more information, you can request a callback or email us on



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