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Top 10 QXRS Blogs of 2017


Top 10 QXRS Blogs of 2017

2017 had been an eventful year for recruitment agencies in the UK with the major political, economic and legislative changes taking place. In our quest to keep our clients and readers abreast of the changes happening in the recruitment industry, we try our best to relay the necessary and important information through our blogs.

As we gear up for the new challenges and opportunities in this new year, we want to connect you with our top ten blogs published in 2017 that highlighted the issues and offered solutions to the changes recruitment industry encountered in 2017.

Here are our top 10 blogs:

10)  Employment law changes to look out for in 2017

A roundup of employment law changes set to come into force this year to ensure you have a head start to the year ahead.

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9) Is work culture of your RPO partner on your checklist?

Apart from the expertise and experience of your offshore RPO partner, it is very important to know their work culture to ensure a long and strong business partnership

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8) NHS U-turn on IR35- has anything changed?

NHS Improvement in their latest update has retracted from its earlier decision of blanket assessing all PSCs as inside IR35

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7) The UK tech industry is defying post-Brexit gloom

Post-Brexit, UK tech industry has bounced back and is gathering strength and depth with fifty percent of tech community expecting the business environment to get better in 2017

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6) 8 IT recruitment trends that will change the game in 2017

The digital economy is expanding at an extraordinary pace. Read on to find out the IT recruitment trends which will emerge as game-changers in the year ahead.

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5) GDPR: What does it mean for your recruitment agency?

With less than 200 working days until the EU GDPR and the new UK Data Protection Act become law on the 25th May 2018, is your agency prepared?

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4) How to choose a compatible Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider

Choosing a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Provider is an important decision for any recruitment business.

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3) GDPR myth busting by ICO- part 2

There are lot of ‘misleading’ press stories asserting that all breaches will need to be reported to the ICO and customers alike

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2) GDPR myth busting by ICO- part 1

With a lot of misinformation about the GDPR, ICO sets the record straight by debunking a few of the notable myths

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1) Is your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner GDPR ready?

As a data processor, QX processes large volume of data for our clients on a daily basis and takes several effective measures to

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Thank you for reading. We hope the blogs added value to you.  

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