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Recruiters: Don’t Let the Summer Blues Get to You


Recruiters: Don’t Let the Summer Blues Get to You

Many of us are looking forward to summer holidays. For recruiters this time of the year usually equates to a slower time for hiring. However, this can also be a time of opportunities for recruiters. You can spend this holiday season focusing on recruiting efforts that don’t make your day-to-day list of tasks.

Here are four ways you can continue recruiting through the holidays:

Be flexible with appointments         

Empathise with summer schedules, as many people have holidays planned mid-summer along with family activities now that the kids are out of school. Great candidates are worth the wait. Bonus: Some employees have more relaxed schedules and some have summer hours, thus allowing them more time to sneak away for an interview. You can always bridge the gap with video interviews, just be sure to set expectations.

Get in front of summer daydreamers

When the boss is away, top talent will play—with job boards. Summer is often a time of reflection for employees, making it prime time for them to join the job hunt. Where are gainfully employed prospects doing their search? Mobile. During lunch, on their breaks, or at their desks hoping nobody notices, top talent rely on the convenience of mobile search to find, research and apply for jobs. Get in front of each and every possible prospect by ensuring your site is optimised for mobile search.

Turn the seasonal schedule into an advantage

Passive candidates, by definition, are not explicitly looking for new opportunities, which means they most likely already have a job. And, it’s probably a job where they’re expected to be present during business hours and where it might be difficult to escape the observant eyes of a boss or co-workers to step out for an interview. With this in mind, recruiters can not only use the summer schedule to their advantage in terms of giving the passive candidate more time to consider the new opportunity but also increased time and flexibility for the interview process itself.

Job transitions are easier during the summer

For passive candidates, a key potential blocker to contemplating new opportunities is the transition cost. This cost (in time, energy, and money) is exponentially higher if the position in question requires moving to a new home, especially if the candidate has a partner or children who will be affected. This is yet another aspect where hiring managers can use the season to their advantage by emphasising to passive candidates that making the job transition during the summer will be easier on them (and their families).


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