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Recruiters – 8 Reasons Why The Candidate Experience Matters

recruiters 8 reasons why the candidate experience matters

Recruiters – 8 Reasons Why The Candidate Experience Matters

Interviews! Interviews! Interviews! Placements! Placements! Placements!  I am sure we all hear and live by these words every day.   As recruiters, our lives revolve around sourcing quality candidates, identifying talent, coordinating interviews and placing them to deliver our monthly/quarterly sales targets.  Such is the frenzy of making placements, more often, we forget one of the key elements of our role; i.e. the candidate experience.  This is not completely our fault I can hear you cry; it’s the way our business demands and the key emphasis is on sales/revenue generated from making placements.

What is candidate experience? To summarise, it is all the things which make the candidate feel good about working with us such as giving them detailed information about the role, type of company they’re put forward for, contacting them on time, providing feedback (positive/negative), post placement care, etc.

However, considering the skill and talent shortages in the recent times, candidate experience will be one of the key elements that will drive the bottom line. There are at least eight good reasons as to why candidate experience matters more than anything else.

  1. Candidate loyalty:  Quality candidate experience from the first contact will drive candidate loyalty, most of the times gaining exclusivity if/when you’re working on a nice vacancy in the future
  2. Reputation:  Good candidate experience also increases the chances of placement; candidate feedback to the client matters as it also relates to how much more business you’ll get from that client
  3. Referrals:  Unlike every product/service, positive experience drive referrals; i.e. more candidates without actually having to spend on adverts and job boards
  4. New business:  Candidates who’ve had positive experience will definitely end up recommending your services to their Line Managers/HR if they’re in junior roles and/or senior candidates will become clients in their own right
  5. Repeat business:  When the candidate goes prepared for the interview and regardless of whether they are placed or not, the client will have a positive impression about the overall service and process, directly resulting in more business from the client
  6. Process improvement:  This aspect is most of the times ignored, however, feedback from candidates will definitely help in fine tuning the candidate experience process and in turn helps you to provide quality delivery
  7. Market intelligence:  Candidates who you develop a good relationship with will most of the time help with key information about the market, who else is recruiting, etc.  This is a gold mine for recruiters to target before their competition
  8. Retention:  Although this factor is mostly client side, post placement candidate care will also lead to handling the situation effectively in case things are not progressing well with the candidate and means recruiters can save on any rebate.

Recruiters and companies who work towards positive candidate experience will lead the market. Considering this scenario, candidate experience should be one of the measurement metrics for recruiters along with the existing ones around from the interviews and placements.

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The post "9 Ways To Deliver Quality Candidate Experience" first appeared on LinkedIn. Ketan Gajjar is Director of QX Recruitment Services, where they provide consultative and highly scalable recruitment services for businesses in the UK.

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