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Recruiters – 5 signs the candidate is just not that into you

recruiters 5 signs the candidate is just not that into you

Recruiters – 5 signs the candidate is just not that into you

A candidate backed out at the last minute.  They didn’t attend the interview.  They’re not accepting the offer.  They’re not answering my calls. Familiar phrases?  Of course!  As recruiters we often come across these situations and we move on, pushing them to one side as the nature of our job and the sector we operate within.  However, there are ways we can identify the early signs of disinterest and attempt to do something about it.

Five signs that the candidate is just not interested:

  1. Says yes to everything on the first call:  When contacted for the first time, everything is a yes!  Looking for new job?  Yes.  Happy to relocate?  Yes.  Happy with the salary bracket? Yes.  These are dream candidates, however, beware!
  2. Always busy:  Following the first call where they’ve expressed their interest for a new job, every call after that they’ll either answer saying they’re busy or just don’t answer the call at all.
  3. No CV:  They agree to send their CV, but despite a constant follow-up, it is not forthcoming. They will make excuses saying, they don’t have the CV, or it’s not updated or, it’s updated but they don’t have time to send it across.
  4. Unreasonable demands:  They’ll agree to proceed with the interview however, they will have unreasonable demands such as reimbursements for their travel, business class flights, flexible time slots, etc.
  5. Keeps asking for client details:  They’ll constantly probe about the details of the end client right from the initial call.

I am sure there are many more signals to be on the lookout for, and I urge fellow recruiters to comment and provide their own experiences.  We should treat every candidate legitimately, however, we must also be acute enough to pick up on the indicators that a candidate is not serious. This will reduce exposure for you and the client, while also enable you to allocate your resources to more serious candidates.  

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