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QX welcomes Chief Operations Officer, Recruitment Services, Imtiaz Noorani

qx welcomes chief operations officer recruitment services imtiaz noorani

QX welcomes Chief Operations Officer, Recruitment Services, Imtiaz Noorani

For more than a decade now, QX Recruitment Services has been providing 360 degree recruitment services to recruitment agencies across the UK.  With our expertise in delivering highly scalable services ranging from core recruitment through to back office functions and full payroll and finance & accounts, our clientele include 6 of the top 30 European healthcare recruitment agencies in addition to a number of smaller agencies and groups.

Our team of over 280 recruitment specialists has extensive knowledge and experience of working with clients within healthcare, IT, education and engineering sectors. Through a robust internal training division, our employees are continuously trained across a range of recruiting procedures and cover up-to-date industry knowledge to ensure they deliver premium results.

In our endeavor to make QX a ‘Partner of Choice’ in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) sector, highly experienced Imtiaz Noorani has joined QX Recruitment Services team as Chief Operations Officer to head-up our RPO operations.  A process expert, his key aim is to deliver customer satisfaction across the wide range of services we provide. Whether he is identifying enhanced training for members of his team or else helping with the implementation plans for a new client, he will be working hard to provide clients with the services that make a real difference to their operations.

He brings with him extensive experience of 14 years from both the outsourcing sector and the financial services industry and is an accomplished leader in customer service operations.

Ketan Gajjar, Director - Recruitment Services, states, “We are excited to welcome Imtiaz to our team at QXRS. Not only will he will play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional client experience, but also be an exemplary leader for our employees.”

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