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QX Recruitment Services Leadership Summit-Excel, outshine and be the best

qx recruitment services excel outshine and be the best

QX Recruitment Services Leadership Summit-Excel, outshine and be the best

Last weekend was a great opportunity for management team members of QX Recruitment Services to engage in the 1st leadership summit in Udaipur, India.  The theme of the weekend was to ‘Excel (outshine), and be the best’.   The primary focus of the summit was on adding value for clients and career progression for our staff. We also highlighted improving quality and operational strategy, and to understand how integral that is in supporting the division’s growth projection for 2016. The team included 15 members made up of Senior Department Managers, Team Managers and our Six Sigma Certified Quality Manager.

The leadership summit provided an ideal environment to receive feedback and input from the team members while also addressing key areas of improvement.  Events like these are crucial to staff development as it provides our team with the tools they need to deliver the best possible service to our clients. With an estimated growth projection of over 30% for the year 2016, the team will surely be very busy this year.  However, you can’t expect to be the best if you don’t strive for greatness. The training provided a refreshing jump start for the new year and we look forward to multiplying the momentum throughout 2016.      


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