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QX Recruitment Services away day Gandhinagar

qx recruitment services away day gandhinagar

QX Recruitment Services away day Gandhinagar

The QX Recruitment team had an informative and relaxing away day in Gandhinagar in June 2016. The focus of the day was to explore the current challenges impacting the recruitment services division and also the industry as a whole. The day's activities were designed to get everyone to think outside of the box while building team comradery.

The away day also provided a great opportunity to obtain feedback and ideas from the team members while also addressing significant areas of development. These types of events are vital to staff progress as it provides our team with the know-how they require to deliver top service to our clients.

The QXRS team has grown by leaps and bounds this year, not only in numbers but also in experience and knowledge of the recruitment industry. With the second half of the year still ahead of us it looks to be an interesting adventure. We’re looking to the future while striving for greatness. 

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