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Oil and gas recruiters need to change it up

oil and gas recruiters need to change it up

Oil and gas recruiters need to change it up

The last year has seen the demand for oil and gas decline at an astounding rate. In fact, in July 2015 the price was approximately $60 per barrel for crude oil, whereas now it hovers somewhere around the $30 per barrel mark. Now depending on who you talk to, this it can either be considered a good or a bad thing. However, one thing is for certain, and that’s the impact it’s having on the oil and gas recruitment sector. The sharp decline in oil prices has made it even tougher to place candidates within the declining industry.

This situation is now prompting recruiters to get a bit resourceful in their recruiting techniques. They have started shifting their focus from purely supplying the oil and gas industry to now branching out to the renewable energy sector. The oil and gas industry already carries a stigma of being polluters and aiding to the decimation of the planet, so it’s no surprise that the renewable energy sector is now also picking up the slack in terms of employment.   

According to Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review 2015 “Renewable energy jobs reached an estimated 7.7 million in 2014, excluding large hydropower. This is an 18% increase from the number reported last year.” So it’s obvious that this new and booming industry is going to need support from recruiters and candidates alike. The most promising aspect of this data is that it’s only the beginning. At the moment the renewable energy sector is just a baby, and it has exponential room for growth in the future. 

The advantage for recruiters who are already supplying the oil industry is that their skills and knowledge are easily transferable to the renewable energy sector. Many of the big players in oil and gas such as Royal Dutch Shell Company have already invested in R&D for renewable energy. So it’s quite obvious this is not just a trend, and there is a future for the sector. This also provides recruiters with an opportunity to expand their client and candidate base while also exploring another sector.

The oil and gas industry has also become innovative when it comes to the creation of jobs. The Scottish city of Aberdeen has developed a partnership with the Mozambique city of Pemba to supply them with advice, consultation and training once they begin the process of extracting natural gas from their reserves. Aberdeen has a strong pedigree in oil and gas from its experience of drilling and extraction in the North Sea.

The Secretary of State for Scotland in the British government, David Mundell, had this to say about the relationship between the two nations, 

“It is a great example of what can be done when all levels of government work together. Gordon McIntosh is doing a superb job in supporting a development plan which will not only benefit Scotland, but will be of great help to Mozambique, allowing Pemba to take steps towards becoming a world-class gas hub along the lines of Aberdeen. The Foreign Office has helped with funding and UKTI have shared their knowledge of doing business in this developing country.”


These are just some of initiatives taken by individuals and organisations to ensure the future of the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, recruiters can no longer sit back and wait for the candidates to come to them. They now need to be even more proactive than before and initiate ideas that are ‘out of the box’ to attract the correct applicant.  

Many UK recruitment agencies have also started outsourcing some of their operations in order to be able to focus more energy and resources on targeting the appropriate sectors with the highest yields. If you are looking for options to reduce recruitment costs while still maintaining quality then contact us on +44 845 838 2462 or email us: for a confidential and no cost discussion to see how we can assist your business.       

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