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Mastering the art of IT recruitment

mastering the art of it recruitment

Mastering the art of IT recruitment

A few years ago when the UK economy was mostly comatose, there were only a handful of industries that were flourishing.  The IT sector together with a few others, were actually able to fend off the economic downturn that had hit most other industries.  With the UK economy now enjoying the sunshine once again, the IT industry is still commanding respect among recruiters according to recent data provided by supply management specialists, Comensura.    

Let’s begin with what they found out about the UK IT recruitment industry right now:

  • General availability of IT professionals is rated as very high/high by over half of the respondents but there are still areas where there is a dearth of the right skills
  • The most supplied IT professionals were those in Business Analysis, Project Management and Database Admin
  • Whereas those in Project Management, Technical Support and Training were the most available.
  • The demand in 2016 for IT professionals is set to increase by at least 10%.

The IT sector has become a prime target industry for recruiters and things look rosy; with an almost infinite number of roles to be filled what could be the problem?  Well in fact, there are a few issues that the IT recruitment industry is currently facing that need to be addressed.

Concern: Employers seem to think applicants must be knowledgeable in all IT fields

It’s extremely rare that an employer will ever find the “perfect” candidate.  On many occasions, clients in the IT industry want a multitalented applicant. Unfortunately, this person almost never exists.  IT is a field where most professionals may begin by learning about all aspects however; just like other fields these professionals will soon begin to specialise in a language type or role they are passionate about.  


Firstly, this is basically an impossible request from any employer.  They need to be realistic about the type of individual they want and should focus on the key areas that need to be covered and hire accordingly.  The recruiter needs to handle things tactfully and perhaps review the current situation with the employer and pinpoint exactly what is needed.  Once exact requirements are established, the role needs to be clarified.  Businesses must also keep in mind that it is not possible for one candidate to do the job two to three people.  The recruiter should bring their expertise to the employer; explain the types of candidates that are available, their skills sets and work to a solution – one that delivers a role you can fill successfully.

Concern: New technology causing skills gap

This is a problem that plagues many sectors, especially IT. The introduction and implementation of new technologies and procedures also creates inconsistencies in skills.  Research conducted by The Tech Partnership revealed that 50% of tech businesses admitted underperformance among their staff which was directly attributable to the skills held by their IT people and the skills which were required.  


It is only logical that a field like IT, which is perpetually evolving will require a labour force that is also developing.  Employers will often resort to recruitment to bring the skills into the business which means they will join a number of others looking to attract those with new/hard to find skills.  Recruiters should ensure employers understand the situation and be honest that it may take some time to identify the right candidate.


With the IT field growing at a rapid rate these concerns will only escalate if not addressed and resolved quickly. Recruiters and employers must recognise the importance of working together to achieve the results they require. Recruiting companies may also consider outsourcing as an option to minimise admin tasks so their recruiters can focus primarily on sourcing quality candidates. Both partners must clearly establish what they need of each other, communicate any shortcomings and be realistic with requirements and deliverables.  

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