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Let's go to Thailand!!

lets go to thailand

Let's go to Thailand!!

Anyone up for a trip to Thailand? (Like anyone is actually going to say no.)  The team at QX Recruitment Services has stepped up their game and has introduced the ultimate way to thank its best and brightest employees.  We are pleased to introduce the QX Recruitment Services Performers’ Club.  The Club is open to any employees who have been working for QXRS for a minimum of 12 months and who also fulfil the specified parameters.   The trip to Thailand is the first of what is to become an annual award.

With a motto of SUSTAIN and SOAR, the Club has been designed to identify those team members who have gone that extra mile and really made a difference to our clients and the growth of the business.

This prize is in addition to the star performers awards which highlight and reward employee’s achievements every month.  A total of 12 members will be selected for the trip to Thailand.  Six people will be picked from the front line team and they will be joined by three team leaders, one service delivery manager, one lucky draw winner and one person chosen by Ketan Gajjar, Director of the QX Recruitment Services division.  So anybody has a chance to be selected. The following parameters will be assessed by management and employees will be chosen accordingly.

  • Client/management feedback
  • Achievement of general job requirements
  • Yearly KPI
  • Value add
  • Line manager/team feedback
  • Attrition in the team during the year (heads of teams only)

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our team for the hard work they put in. We also want you to keep striving so that hopefully we can see you in Thailand next year, or even this year.  QX Recruitment Services continues to demonstrate why it is the place to choose for people wanting to work in the recruitment industry.

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