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IT Recruitment Report 2017


IT Recruitment Report 2017

The technology sector is changing and evolving at a much faster rate than most areas of business. As a result, with even the predicted impact on the demand for tech skills post the Brexit referendum failing to materialise, the pressure on companies striving to find top it talent is increasing.

To identify the key issues affecting the IT recruitment sector and gain insights on growing pressures within the whole sphere of IT/technology recruitment, QX Recruitment Services surveyed 24 IT recruitment agencies across the UK. We have analysed the data, reviewed it against other similar research and available data and compiled a detailed analysis of the IT recruitment industry at the time of the survey (February/March 2017). We are confident the findings of this report will be of significant interest to IT recruitment agencies.

 Report highlights

• Long turnaround times from offer to placement and time spent in optimising internal processes are influencing factors in the hiring ecosystem

• Big data and open source have emerged rapidly, candidates with skills and competency will remain in high demand and to mitigate this gap, there is a need of disruptive innovation in talent acquisition. Candidates who are or want to be cybersecurity specialists, data scientists and embedded developers or acquired skills will remain in highest demand

• Employers are keen to hire recruiters with a strong technical knowledge where headhunting and referral still remain as key sources for specialist recruitment

• Recruiters find LinkedIn is the most useful social media platform for sourcing candidates

• Brexit, IR35 reform and the Apprenticeship Levy will have an impact however there is still a lack of clarity around the longer term effects

Download our IT Recruitment Report 2017 to get full in-depth analysis. We hope this report will be beneficial to your company. We would love to know your comments and feedback. 

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