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Is Work Culture of Your RPO Partner on Your Checklist?

is work culture of your rpo partner on your checklist

Is Work Culture of Your RPO Partner on Your Checklist?

Many companies feel that once they have identified their ideal offshore RPO partner that ticks all of the right boxes, eg

  • Cost
  • Industry knowledge
  • Process/methodology
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology

then everything else will be plain sailing. But hang on. Before you sign on the dotted line, what do you know about the work culture of your prospective offshore partner?

If it is very little, then let me set what is an all too common scene. You have your new offshore partner and they go off to hire staff for you, you train them on your processes and they start working on your account. You have put all the required technology in place to make the process run smoothly. The process kicks off well, starts taking good shape and you begin to see the ROI you were hoping for. Everything looks awesome and you even begin to wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

But a few months on and things begin to change; the results aren’t looking as good, the staff are not as respondent and that ROI is doing everything but giving you a good return. What you are unable to see is the despondency of the staff as they arrive at work unhappy, and go home in the evenings complaining about the hostile environment they experience at work. Eventually they start looking for another job.

It's only a matter of time before a competitor offers them a better opportunity. And bam! Just like that, you've lost your staff. Before you could reap the benefits of the time, energy and money spent on training your staff; your project is back to square one.

The bottom line is, you had all your bases covered except for your offshore RPO partner’s work culture. You probably had never thought about their workplace environment; you certainly would not be prepared for how it could destroy your decision to outsource. A work environment of mistrust, personal battles and poor management, where workers are motivated by personal gains can only lead to disastrous outcomes as seen above.

I firmly believe organisation culture is an essential element of a recruitment business and it amazes me how seldom it forms a point of discussion during my meetings with prospective clients. Apart from the expertise and experience of your offshore RPO partner, it is very important to know their work culture to ensure a long and strong business partnership. Knowing that the organisation has a work culture where company goals percolate to employees of all levels, where employees are encouraged to work in collaboration and where all are given opportunities for training, new learning, growth and promotion not only has positive impact on retention but also reflects on your end client and candidates. Culture of an organisation is never built or changed in a day. It’s a legacy that is carried forward.

At QX our employees are our most valued assets; without them we simply don’t have a company. We understand that good employees are not replaceable; they carry deep institutional knowledge of the organisation, have extensive product, systems, and process knowledge. They hold client relationships that have been built over many years and have tremendous experience, which when lost, has a great impact. We firmly believe nurturing talent leads to higher productivity, low attrition, greater innovation, satisfied clients and ultimately happy and motivated staff.

Watch our culture video to know what keeps a QX-ite happy.

And make sure the culture of your prospective RPO partner is on your checklist.

About the author

Anil Nair
Senior Manager - Business Development, QX Recruitment Services

Anil has been working in the recruitment industry for 7 years and with a background in sales and marketing, has a clear understanding of the issues that recruitment companies face and the solutions which will make a difference for them.

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