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Infographic-UK healthcare shortages

Infographic-UK healthcare shortages

The last few years have been quite turbulent for the UK healthcare industry. There have been major shortages for healthcare professionals all across the board. Nurses and specialist doctors seem to be experiencing the highest shortages in UK hospitals. In fact, the situation has become so bad that according to a BBC Freedom of Information request, 69% of UK trusts are actively recruiting abroad for doctors or nurses due to domestic shortages.

This vast shortage has also led to many healthcare professionals getting “burned out” or quitting their job altogether. Many British emergency units are really struggling to keep up with demand and some have even closed their A&E departments. According to the Mirror at least “74 NHS trusts are struggling to fill vacancies as staff are sacked or have quit under the strain of day-to-day life on emergency units.”

There is no clear answer to subsiding these shortages however, recruitment agencies can take precautions to ensure they are able to meet the shortage demands. Agencies can look at recruiting healthcare professionals from international markets such as Europe, India, Philippines, China and UAE.

If your agency is having difficulty meeting the demand for skilled healthcare professionals, then international recruiting may be a practical solution. For more information, you can request a callback or email us on

If you are working as one of these professions in India and are interested to take your experience abroad to the UK, please email for more information.

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