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[INFOGRAPHIC] Busting Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services Myths

[INFOGRAPHIC] Busting Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services Myths

Offshore recruiting services offer a length of RPO services benefits to recruitment businesses. However, there are many myths and misconceptions that surround offshore recruitment process outsourcing services making it difficult for organisations to understand these benefits. This infographic busts these common myths and will help you understand the true potential of offshore recruiting.

1. Offshoring is only about cost cutting

Benefits of offshoring go beyond cost cutting: efficiency, streamlined processes, access to skilled & competent resources, flexibility to up- and down-scale recruitment operations and improved profitability.

2. My data won’t be secure

Reliable and secure RPO partners follow international information and data security guidelines such as: ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management Systems, bank grade 256-bit SSL encryption, physical security and data backups.

3. Coordination problems

Majority of offshore recruitment firms operate during the client’s time zone ensuring they are always on the same page as their clients. Many RPO specialists also provide out of hours services, working on the requirements during weekends, public holidays and in mornings.

4. Language issues and cultural difference

Quality offshore partners hire and train top graduates who have a strong command over the English language and a good understanding of the culture. Essentially they work as an extension of your onshore team.

5. International quality standards and regulatory compliances won’t be met

Professional service providers have quality management standards like ISO 9001:2008 in place, are GDPR compliant and adhere to HMRC regulations.

6. Companies lose control of their recruitment processes

You can either outsource all recruitment, or just use them for selected tasks alongside your usual function. But you’ll never lose control over the outsourced tasks.

7. They have ‘one size fits all’ approach

Professional offshore companies provide bespoke solutions that best suit your requirement needs. At QX, we ensure the services that our clients receive are truly bespoke to them, reflecting their beliefs and embodying their core values.

8. Quality won’t meet expected standards

RPO providers with years of experience deliver nothing less than the best and promised results. They always ensure that your business gets only the best pool of talent so that your hiring requirements can be fulfilled.

9. Doesn’t have proper reporting methods

At QX, we measure performance and progress throughout the whole recruitment process and provide highly comprehensive reports with verbal and written feedback on a regular basis.

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