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How to Choose a Compatible Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider


How to Choose a Compatible Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider

Choosing a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Provider is an important decision for any recruitment business. For recruitment companies that have proprietary data or who may be launching new projects, the risk associated with outsourcing to an RPO provider can be great. To provide a workable guide, however, we have compiled few points on how to choose an RPO partner.

Strategy and differentiator: Before taking the decision to outsource, try to find out your RPO partner’s business strategies and understanding with your company. Besides, a good RPO partner will always include SLAs to measure their performance and to ensure you get what you paid for.

Specialisation: Multiple clients within the same industry enable the RPO providers to have an excellent understanding of the external marketplace, in addition to bringing examples of strong best-practices. However too many clients in one industry can create challenges when pro-active search is required. Always prefer an RPO partner that is multipurpose and adaptable in accordance to your needs.

Client retention: Before taking the big step toward outsourcing always try to find out your RPO provider’s average length of client relationships. RPO providers that have shown the ability to nurture partnerships over the longer term generally do so because they can show operational excellence, outstanding relationship management and a strong drive towards continuous improvement and innovation.

Reference Check: It’s always easy to “blow your own trumpet” but in reality how many clients are willing to endorse the products and services of the RPO provider will help you to decide whom to outsource. Check with your peers and browse through the company’s websites to get a clear picture.

Size and Scale: If you are a small to medium sized business it is advisable to choose an RPO partner who will actually want and care about your business. You need to consider where you would fit into their client portfolio.

Flexibility: Choose an RPO provider that can deliver a bespoke solution. Sometimes, a bespoke solution isn’t required while outsourcing but, if it is, make sure the RPO provider has the ability to ‘think outside the box’ and create something that they haven’t done previously.

Global Reach: While outsourcing it is always wise to opt for a RPO provider that has a global reach, which in the long run can accommodate your growth plans.

Website and Employee Value Proposition: In addition to an up-to-date website and media footprint RPO providers create for themselves, it is important to know about the company’s employee attrition rate. Can the RPO provider hire great talent into their own business?

Independence: Some RPO providers are affiliated with a larger recruitment consultancy which is good if you are looking to leverage market intelligence, cost savings and achieve commitment to delivery, but you need to make sure that they are impartial.

Agreement: Trust between the RPO provider and client is important while outsourcing as not every potential issue can be dealt with in a contract. The RPO provider will be responsible for the engagement of the company’s most important asset – its people. Prior to taking the plunge, align your values with the question - can you see yourself working effectively together?


The right RPO provider will offer you an inexhaustible pool of talent. Outsourcing to them not only saves your time and money but also gives you the much needed peace of mind as you can concentrate on more core activities. Finding the right RPO provider can shape both the delivery model and benefits of your business.

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