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Effectively Using LinkedIn for Sourcing Candidates


Effectively Using LinkedIn for Sourcing Candidates

The world of recruiting is rapidly changing and employers are increasingly relying on social networking websites to source talent. According to a report by RobertWalters, ‘Using social media in the recruitment process’, amongst job seekers, a LinkedIn profile is perceived as the most important of all social media channels, with 85% of survey respondents holding membership of this site. Facebook and Twitter were cited as the second (74%) and third (39%) respectively as the most popular options.

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the choice for professionals to look for jobs and find employment - and for employers when sourcing talent. It is important that recruiters use this platform optimally. Here are 7 tips for recruiters using LinkedIn

1. Create a company profile/showcase page

A company LinkedIn profile gives an opportunity to reach out to potential candidates, making them aware of who you are and what your company does. Showcase pages are simple to create and makes it easier for people to engage with your company. Make sure to add a summary of your business, website address, specialties, company location and contact details. Encourage candidates to follow your company on LinkedIn by posting relevant content for followers such as blogs/articles, company news, videos, pictures, employee testimonials, current job openings etc. This can be a great tool to let candidates know what’s in store for them once they join your company

2. Reach candidates through premium account and sponsored jobs

Getting a Premium/Recruiter account can give you access to LinkedIn’s InMail messaging service. This is a highly targeted method to reach relevant and potential candidates wherein you can reach out to candidates through private messaging as well as ask for assistance from your network to find a qualified candidate. Additionally, companies can post jobs on LinkedIn either free of cost via status updates or for a fee. Through ‘Sponsored Jobs’ section, employers may bid for the top placement in the ‘Jobs You May be Interested In’ section of the LinkedIn homepage. According to LinkedIn, the likelihood of applying to sponsored jobs increases by three-fold.

3. Actively search for candidates

Using advanced search option of LinkedIn, including LinkedIn Recruiter, you can search for candidates by past or current employers, job titles, years of experience, seniority level, company size, interests, locations, schools and even specific language in profiles.

4. Pre-screen candidates

LinkedIn gives a more comprehensive idea of a candidate's capabilities compared to a resume or a job application. It can utilised for screening and verifying candidate’s capabilities, credentials, and skills through their endorsements, recommendations, education, prior work experience, and interests mentioned on their profile. It can also give a fair idea about candidate’s skills and passion based on their participation in the groups and how well they are connected within their industry.

5. Participate in groups

LinkedIn groups helps you to connect with like-minded people and is an ideal way to engage with relevant audience. However, it is very important for you to actively participate in groups in which they want to post open positions in your organisation and establish a LinkedIn presence for your organisation as well as yourself.

6. Target passive candidates

Approximately 80% of people on LinkedIn are passive candidates. As they are not actively looking for a job, but may be interested in a new opportunity, you can try to reach them with a more personalised message about the job opportunity.

7. Keep an eye on your analytics

LinkedIn analytics page gives you an insight into performance of your and your company’s posts. It tells you who is engaging with your individual posts and what is the follower demographics. This information helps you to target the right audience with your content.

LinkedIn has undoubtedly has become a major source for finding top talent. If used correctly and efficiently, it can open up the doors to a wealth of talent on LinkedIn. If you are not already using it, you are missing out on its potential for recruiting, get started today!



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