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the art of customer retention

The art of customer retention

Insight by Ketan Gajjar on the importance of customer retention.

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recruiters 5 signs the candidate is just not that into you

Recruiters – 5 signs the candidate is just not that ...

You may not want to admit it but in the long run it will benefit you as a recruiter t....

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badmouthing your competitors congrats!

Badmouthing Your Competitors – Congrats!

Making your company look good by downplaying the competition may seem like a natural ....

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9 ways to deliver quality candidate experience

9 Ways To Deliver Quality Candidate Experience

To increase efficiency and improve the quality of your candidates recruitment experie....

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recruiters 8 reasons why the candidate experience matters

Recruiters – 8 Reasons Why The Candidate Experience ...

As a recruiter, the candidate experience should be high on the list of priorities whe....

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