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9 Ways To Deliver Quality Candidate Experience

9 ways to deliver quality candidate experience

9 Ways To Deliver Quality Candidate Experience

Following my recent post on “Why the Candidate Experience Matters”, this blog specifies some of the best ways to deliver quality candidate experience.  We all know this element of the recruitment process will be the most sought after factor in generating new candidates to deliver bottom line results.

Below mentioned are at least 9 good ways to deliver exceptional candidate experience.

  1. Detailed information:  When contacting the candidate about a new role, ensure they are given a detailed job specification about the job role, type of company, culture, etc.  Also asking if they need any further information opens the dialogue.
  2. Give them space:  When having a discussion about the role, let them speak.  It is poor practice for the recruiter to dominate the conversation; allow the candidate to discuss their experience and why they think they fit the role.  This is an important part of the process and helps to develop the relationship.
  3. Set expectations:  Discuss the job role in detail; ensure all expectations such as traveling, salary and benefits are mentioned upfront.  Setting expectations at the initial stage saves time, money and most important, reputation with clients. This step enables you to clarify candidate commitment for the role and avoids last minute pull-out later in the process.
  4. Discuss the process:  Take the candidate over the entire recruitment process; i.e. number of interviews, staff involved in interviews, any tests or presentations they’re supposed to appear for/work upon respectively and so on.
  5. Effective coordination:  Find out their availability at the outset to avoid scheduling interviews during times they cannot make.  Providing candidate availability to the clients when sending the CV smooths the overall interview coordination.
  6. Provide feedback:  Most candidates complain that recruiters seldom contact them with feedback on the interview.  No news is still news to the candidates, good or otherwise.  Keep in touch with the candidates regardless of your feedback situation with the clients. Candidates want to know the status of their interview performance and even if the feedback is negative, they want to be kept posted.  We as recruiters play key roles in enhancing a candidates’ capability and help them deliver better results in other interviews by providing relevant feedback.
  7. Call back:  Contact candidates when they leave messages/email trying to contact you. There isn’t anything ruder than not reverting at all.  Remember, candidates are your currency and one can only achieve bottom line results by managing effective candidate relationship.
  8. Ask for feedback:  Asking for feedback at various stages within the recruitment lifecycle gives us an opportunity to meet candidate expectations and also gives room for process improvement
  9. Post placement feedback:  Don’t leave the candidates on their own once they’re placed.  This is the most important stage within the placement lifecycle; remember, we work in a candidate short market and the probation period works both ways; i.e. candidates asses the client during this duration. Hence, keeping in touch with them can help recruiters get first-hand information about candidate experience with the client, opportunity to find out more about the client, new vacancies, etc.

An effective process driven approach will not only ensure quality candidate experience, but also helps you to deliver client satisfaction.  A step by step approach ranging from resourcing to post placement functions will enable recruiters to deliver exceptional candidate experience. 

The post "9 Ways To Deliver Quality Candidate Experience" first appeared on LinkedIn. Ketan Gajjar is Director of QX Recruitment Services, where they provide consultative and highly scalable recruitment services for businesses in the UK.

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