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7 Free Tools to Measure the Success of Your Social Recruiting


7 Free Tools to Measure the Success of Your Social Recruiting

More than one billion people check Facebook daily, Twitter users send 6,000 tweets every second and new LinkedIn users sign up at a rate of more than two new members per second, reports Hootsuite. Your next great hire is likely on social media; is your recruiting team?A social media strategy is no longer only a marketing department responsibility; with users spanning every industry and geography, cultivating a community of engaged social followers is an important part of a modern talent acquisition strategy.

Launching Your Social Recruitment Strategy

Launching a social recruitment strategy can be challenging for talent acquisition professionals who may not be social media experts. To get social recruiting efforts off the ground, free tools can help talent teams stay on top of social activity and online interactions. Use this list of five free solutions to help take the guesswork out of social recruiting.


Use TweetReach to find out exactly how many Twitter accounts your tweet touched and how many people see the content you post. Run monthly reports to see how many people your social recruiting efforts reach and how many impressions you gained in a period of time. Track the growth of your social media presence to continue to cultivate an engaged community of followers.

Twitter Analytics

Did you know Twitter offers free analytics capabilities built into the platform? Use Twitter Analytics as a one-stop shop to see profile visits, mentions and follower count growth. Twitter Analytics identifies top-performing tweets and how many impressions these tweets receive. Model future content based on top tweets, to continue high engagement, get the most out of your social recruiting strategy and build your employer brand.


Hootsuite lets your team manage all social media efforts from a single dashboard. Identify top-performing social content and schedule future posts to ensure your presence on social media is ongoing. Hootsuite allows users to delegate tasks and send private messages to team members. When multiple recruiters manage a social media account, use these features to assign specific team members to answer a candidate question on Facebook or share employee testimonials on Twitter. Use it free for 14 days.


Find out how you can engage more followers on your recruitment-focused Facebook page with LikeAlyzer. LikeAlyzer provides recommendations to improve the performance of your Facebook page, like asking employees and candidates to become fans, publishing more often and posing questions to fans. Use these recommendations to implement new strategies to reach a wider audience.


With TweetDeck, keep track of competitors, candidates and the recruiting landscape to understand what topics are trending and what candidates are discussing on Twitter. During career fairs, use TweetDeck to create searches for event hashtags and monitor topics career fair attendees tweet about. Reach out digitally to encourage them to visit your booth or sign up for your company’s talent community.

Social Mention

Social Mention makes is easy for you to see who is mentioning and interacting with your brand. This could not be easier, just type in the name of your company and click search. Social mention monitors over 80+ social media platforms including and This allows you to get an insight into the strength of your brand and the reach of your social efforts. Social Mention also allows you to source top keywords, hashtags and users. In order to stay on top of your brand mentions, utilise the RSS feed of your company’s mentions.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to strengthen your ability to respond to messages and resolve problems across multiple platforms. This tool allows you to track keywords and hashtags, as well as join conversations on events and new trends. With Sprout Social you can also schedule and publish future content on multiple social media platforms with a single click. Using a tool such as this allows you to optimise your audience reach while creating and engaging in a growing community of potential candidates.


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