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5 reasons why recruiters should ramp up recruiting in December

5 reasons why recruiters should ramp up recruiting in december

5 reasons why recruiters should ramp up recruiting in December

The magical holiday season of the year is almost here. The closer we come to the big celebrations, the lousier we get at work. The recruitment pace tends to slow down as both clients and candidates have their focus on Christmas and accompanying celebrations, parties and scrummy food. However, December can also be a month of opportunities for recruiters as this is the time of the year when many individuals are reevaluating their work and life situation and planning for the future.  Here are 5 reasons why you should ramp up recruiting during the holiday season.

1) Your prospects have free time

For corporate recruiters, it is the time to step up the game rather than winding down. Your potential candidates are free during this period making it the perfect opportunity to interview them. They have ample time to respond to the recruiter calls and even come for an interview, especially in the gap between Christmas and New Year.  Most businesses quieten down during Christmas so it is an excellent time to get all your hiring process done.

2) Proactive recruiting can get you ahead of the game

We know that you too would like to have some time off and enjoy the holidays, but if prepared ahead of time, you will have the opportunity to meet with some high-quality candidates. While your competitors are away, you can plan your recruitment strategy to beat the 2017 rush and find the best candidate. Smart budgeting can help you to have an edge over your competitors as most of the companies prefer to postpone their recruitment plans for next month due to budget constraints.

3) High social media activity

Holidays are the time when the people are most active on social media. They are available online making it easier for you to connect and further pursue them.  The candidates also utilize this time to enhance their social media profile which is now one of the primary sources for hiring. You can ask your team to use their free time to find good quality referrals on social media.

4) Availability of the hiring managers

Hiring managers too have reduced workload and slack time, giving you a perfect opportunity to push through the candidates’ resumes to them.  Due to the down time when there are not many meetings, career fairs and assignments lined up, they should have sufficient time to review profiles and interview candidates.

5) Positive recruiting market trends

November saw an increase in both permanent staff placements and employee vacancies in the UK; the rate of growth in permanent staff placements was the sharpest since February, says the report published by IHS Markit and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.  This can be your much needed booster to go ahead with your recruitment plans.

So, why wait for January for the new start? Make December your most productive month with smart planning and start your New Year with a bang, because, you are already a step ahead! 

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