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4 Tips for Recruiting Tech Talent


4 Tips for Recruiting Tech Talent

Finding the right technical talent isn’t an easy task. With shortage of qualified candidates and competitive IT recruitment market, businesses are struggling to keep their technical teams stocked with good talent. With the supply side of the tech hiring equation unlikely to change in the near future, organisations have to quickly become more efficient and effective in their recruiting efforts.

Here's a look at what you can do to ensure that you recruit and hire the best IT talent.

Expand your recruiting efforts geographically. 

Outside of London and a few other markets, the likelihood of having a large local talent pool to recruit from is small. Companies need to recruit people from other areas and interview them remotely, and then be willing to go a step further and hire them to work as remote employees. Building and managing a remote team today is easier than ever.

Become more engaging

Don't just expect talent to come to you. Establish a presence in the places where techies hang out. Attend conferences, join user groups and sponsor trade events. These are simple but surefire ways to get your company on the radar of good talent. In addition, take time to brand your company and its culture. Offering a distinct look into how the company operates perhaps via a video introduction from the CEO as part of the application process enables top candidates to see what they're buying into beyond the job description.

Build your network and your pipeline

Having a deep pool of experienced talent which you can draw from will make hiring immediately easier and faster. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process is simply finding the qualified individuals who are available to do the work. One great way to build a more reliable talent pipeline is to stay in touch with past talent. Did you interview someone you really liked but the timing just wasn’t right? Hold on to their resume. Have you worked with a temporary staffer or intern who learned a lot during their time with you but wasn’t ready to come on full time when they left? They are an excellent resource. Staying in touch with past employees is also a great way to find new employees because they can provide referrals that will help you pinpoint the best candidates in the field today.

Work with a recruitment services provider

Lastly, working with a recruitment services provider is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find the talent you need. Their industry knowledge and deep talent pool are great resources to help you find and recruit the right person for the job.

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