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Ketan Gajjar will be speaking at UK Recruiter Director’s Summit 2016

Ketan Gajjar will be speaking at UK Recruiter Director’s Summit 2016

We are excited to announce that Ketan Gajjar will be speaking at the UK Recruiter Director’s Quarterly Summit 2016 at RBS London which takes place on 5 May from 2-5:30 pm.  We would like to invite you to come and meet us to discuss new ideas and ways of growing your recruitment agency.

Ketan is taking part in a’ Meet the Expert’ session where you can get face-to-face informal advice in a roundtable style from not only QX Recruitment Services but also industry organisations like the Forest Group, TempBuddy, , IntroPROTECT and Social Hire.

The event will showcase a wide range of companies in the recruitment industry while also providing an open forum for industry professionals to discuss new and changing ideas, share knowledge and developments in addition to building their network.  This platform will also spotlight emerging trends and techniques in the industry.  With many of the leaders in the recruitment industry planning to be in attendance, it should make for a stimulating event.

Ketan Gajjar will be speaking about “efficiency and scalability by using RPO services” at the Directors event.  To know more about the event and how we can arrange some free passes for you please get in contact with Anil Nair from QXRS. 

The QX Recruitment Services team is looking forward to meeting many of our colleagues and peers at this event. Drop in to see us if you are there to find out more about how we provide end to end RPO services and can help recruitment startup companies achieve their maximum potential.

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