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Business continuity plan
QXRS Limited has the capability to continue business-critical processes in the event of a business interruption or emergency and has a comprehensive training programme for employees that makes all the difference.

QX holds the capability to respond coherently to natural disasters or unplanned events with a strong operational continuity plan in place. Because we have multiple office locations, in any occasion where we are not able to operate under normal conditions, we can transfer the important business processes in just 4 hours and continue to function from one of our other locations. All sites are fully functional and equipped with secure computers, telecommunication equipment, rapid internet connection and necessary office equipment.

Adequate cover for staff and backup
We also make sure the absence of any key personnel does not impact on our ability to keep the organisation functional. There will always be someone from the management structure to cover absences at senior and managerial level to ensure business continuity and delivery of our services.
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contingency workforce plan
Contingency workforce plan
To ensure we can continue to operate in the long term we have an in-house team of full-time recruiting professionals who solely look after the requirements of QXRS and it is their role to maintain the availability of a wide pool of candidates. We operate our own training academy to bring new candidates to the highly professional level we require for our client teams.

Lean Six Sigma
A number of our team members are Lean Six Sigma graduates. They utilise their Six Sigma training to systematically assess and improve our clients’ processes, increase their efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary complexity. This brings numerous benefits such as the elimination of non-value-add steps and the reduction of defects and variations which results in more efficient processes, and a stronger bottom line.
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