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About QX Recruiting Services

QX Recruitment Services is part of the QX group of companies with over 1000 employees based in our delivery centre in India and our UK head office. We provide consultative and highly scalable recruitment services ranging from basic admin tasks such as job inputting, CV processing, advert response management to complex tasks such as candidate generation, database cleansing, organisation mapping, headhunting, compliance and back-office functions within finance and accountancy services through to full payroll services to recruitment agencies across the UK.

Our main goal lies in providing a competitive edge to your business by delivering 360 degree recruitment services. Recruitment is a straight-forward yet complex function and we understand that depending on the sector you operate within, there are core and non-core functions to work upon; we will deliver every task which can be conducted via phone and email to free up valuable time for your staff to use their skills effectively and enhance your core business outcomes.

experienced team
Experienced team
We have been working with some of the leading recruitment groups since 2004 and our goal is to offer you a simple, quick way to source the best talent with minimum effort and enable you to provide your clients with a qualitative and efficient service. Our recruitment consultants, compliance and administrative teams have extensive knowledge and experience of working with clients within healthcare, IT and engineering sectors; we are proud of our 85% staff retention rate which enables us to deliver continuity of service.
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what our clients say
What our clients say
We pride ourselves on providing our clients an improved way of working which directly affects their bottom line. However, don’t take our words for it! Read what recruiters in the UK have to say about working with QX.
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who we work with
Who we work with?
We operate under many verticals across the staffing industry but are firmly established within the engineering, hospitality, healthcare, oil and gas, information technology, social care and telecom industries.
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innovation and excellence
Innovation and excellence
What we do makes a difference because we focus on how we do rather than what we do. We always aim to provide innovative solutions to our clients to help them achieve better outcomes. Our team recognises the importance of providing excellence with powerful insights while being positively proactive and practically focused on what really matters to each client’s core areas of business. We operate a Recruitment Training Academy with an aim to make our employees familiar with UK geography and recruitment industry terminology and provide necessary training. It helps to nurture them to develop more rounded skill sets, progress at all levels and deliver the excellent services to our clients.
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data security
Data security
Because your privacy and security is paramount to us, we have an integrated Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on industry standard guidelines to protect your confidentiality, integrity and the availability of information. Our team of IT security experts carries out periodic risk analysis to minimize the impact and likelihood of the risks. From a physical data security perspective, each client’s team is physically separated from other clients’ teams so there is no data cross over.
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About QX Group
QX Limited is ISO 9001-2008 certified business process outsourcing company that provides recruitment, finance and accounts, payroll, IT software and corporate advisory services. Over 30 recruitment agencies and hundreds of accountants and various businesses of all sizes in the UK and US trust QX to help them run their business.
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