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QX Recruitment Training Academy

QX Recruitment Training Academy
We understand how important it is to provide continuous training to our employees to improve their effectiveness and deliver greater results. QXRS operates an internal recruitment training academy that takes the employees through from the basics of UK geography and recruitment industry terminology and goes right through to headhunting, placement and beyond. It includes organisation mapping, sector training and all other key elements that support growth and scalability and helps us deliver exceptional results now and in the future. The academy provides training to our employees to improve their effectiveness and deliver greater results to our clients.

Our academy training is conducted by Sunil Mistry, who has a Six Sigma green belt accreditation. Once our recruitment process outsourcing trainees have fully got to grips with all 3 levels of the training academy we require them to complete the course and attain certification before they are able to connect with clients and candidates.
The training academy consists of 3 levels of certification, with each level focusing on different core activities.

Recruitment Training Academy Level 1
Level 1 certification: 30 hours

UK geography & culture
Communication etiquettes
Introduction to NHS
Healthcare recruitment industry lifecycle
Job posting, type of vacancy & its life-cycle
NHS employment check - compliance
Clinical placements
On call support
Level 2 certification: 24 hours

Advert management
Candidate generation
Profiling & qualifying candidates
QX measurement tools
Placement management
On-call query & escalations
Recruitment Training Academy Level 2
Recruitment Training Academy Level 3
Level 3 certification: 16 hours

Organizational matrix/ mapping
Situation-based training
Interviewing / Prescreening
Avoiding unlawful discrimination
End client business development
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